Tobago offers the most fantastic drift diving imaginable, very little effort with amazing underwater scenery, untouched reefs and walls, many accessible only by boat, boasting an vast array of marine species.


Crown Point Area
We classify the Crown Point Area as the areas between Cove Reef and Arnos Vale, the south and southwestern part of the island.
Here we have about 25 different dive sites, spread out across the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, thus offering something for all tastes and levels of experience. Some of the sites are beach accessible, but most are boat dives with arrival times varying from 10 to 35 minutes and depths from 8 to 30 meteres.













Caribbean side:

An abundance of diverse and relaxed dive sites all along the Caribbean coastline. Experience the breathtaking Mt. Irvine Wall, with its caves and underground tunnels. Cruise along Dutchman’s reef, take your time to discover all the hidden creatures like Octopus, Lobsters, and Scorpion fish that the reef has to offer. Great for Photography!Then there’s the famous wreck “M/V Maverick”, an old roll-on cargo boat is also a highlight of this area with a length of 85 meteres and laying in just 30 meteres of water with the topmost areas in 18 meteres of clear water. This is a dive that guarantees enjoyment for all divers.




Atlantic Side / Columbus Channel:

Drift dives! Glide over Flying Reef and Diver’s Dream (2.5 miles south of the Airport). Flying reef offers a beautiful drift diving experience at a depth of only about 14m and a vast array of marine life. For the more adventurous diver, Divers Dream has everything, from the smallest reef fishes to some of the big guys; turtles, barracudas, stingrays, manta rays, groupers, nurse sharks and reef sharks among others. This site is just teeming with marine life hence the name Divers Dream.





Islands of Sisters, St. Giles & London Bridge
The islands of the Sisters rocks offers special underwater rock formations, with a choice of 6 dive sites. Spectacular drop off from 12m. into black coral gardens at a depth of 30m. View a myriad of fishes including Pelagic and schools of reef fish. There are also chances of spotting a hammerhead shark.
St. Giles has its unique rock formation, and the London bridge with its underwater tunnels giving a breathtaking look at nature at work. The islands of Sisters and St. Giles, under good conditions have some of the best diving imaginable. Advanced diving skills are required!



Experience the thrill of diving the Atlantic side of Tobago in and around the Little Tobago area. Here we have between 20-25 dive sites most of which are drift dives at average depths of 25m. See some of the most beautiful coral gardens the island has to offer and the largest brain coral in the Caribbean, measuring 12′ high and 16′ across. If we are lucky, we might see a manta or two!
Atlantic Ocean Dive Sites

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