Tobago’s coastal waters are rich in nutrients brought by the Guyana current which produce an abundance of plankton – an excessive source of food for the marine environment.

Schools of creole wrasses, damselfish, blue chromis, gaudi parrot fish, trompet fish, queen angel and french angel fish are the most prevalent on all the reefs. Of course you can also find the “big boys” like barracudas, tarpons, nurse sharks, stingrays, eagle rays and even the gentle mantas. The corals and sponges are at least as varied as their dwellers. Massive brain corals, boulder corals, fire corals, forests of octo corals and sea fans  and huge barrel and tube sponges are dominating the scenery.

All dives are performed as “drift dives” – we go with the flow – and the boat is following. The current makes tiring long distance fin swimming unnecessary – it helps us to glide effortless along the reefs.

Approximately 50 dive sites from easy to expert are waiting for you. The names alone are promising: Flying Reef, Diver’s Dream, Diver’s Thirst, Dutchmen’s Reef, Scotch on the Rocks, Gin & Tonic, London Bridge, Japanese Garden, Shark Bank, Cathedral……

Our dive boats are small but comfortable, the distance to most dive sites is less than 30 minutes. We dive in groups of 6 – 8 divers lead by an experienced guide who carries a permanent marker buoy for your safety. The boats are equipped with VHF radio, cell phone, GPS, O2 Emergency and First Aid kit. We serve complimentary bottled water and snacks between the dives.

We carry DIN & yoke valve aluminium cylinders (8 and 12 liters) as well as Nitrox 32 (surcharge)

Rental gear in all sizes as well as dive computers and digital cameras can be hired.