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Black Rock Divers Tobago

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Our Company’s name has changed since October 1st 2016. We are now Black Rock Divers Tobago. Extra Divers Worldwide was pulling out of our Black Rock operation and is concentrating on the Speyside Inn Dive Resort. The former team of Extra Divers Tobago continues to deliver the best possible service in Black Rock / Grafton to make your scuba diving experience in Tobago a full success! Let’s go diving!

Carnival is coming!

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The 2018 Carnival is still a few months away, but as you know the time flies. Right now is the time to make your reservations, if you’re lucky enough to find available accommodation.

The date for the 2018 Carnival at Trinidad & Tobago is 12-13th of February. Start brushing up your soca skills and we’ll see you there!

PS. In the off chance you’re not quite sure what the Carnival is you can take advantage of the knowledge on the internet and read more about it here!

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